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Important BP Claims Deadline for Commercial Fishermen


Since the BP Economic and Property Damages Settlement was approved last week, Commercial Fishermen need to be aware of a significant and upcoming deadline to file claims under the Settlement. January 20 is the deadline for submitting claims to the Settlement Program. Note that this deadline does not apply to all claimants, simply those that are submitting their claim under the “Seafood Compensation Program.”

According to the Settlement, claims submitted under the Seafood Compensation Program must be filed within 30 days of the Court granting final approval of the Settlement. That order was issued on December 21, which means that the 30 day deadline is already tolling for claimants under this damage category. Other claimants—including recreational charter guides—do not need to be concerned with this deadline.

So who exactly is included in the Seafood Compensation Program? This damages category includes Commercial Fishermen, Seafood Boat Captains, Seafood Crew, Oyster Leaseholders, and Seafood Vessel Owners who fish for shrimp, oyster, finfish, blue crab and other seafood. If one of those categories describes you, then now is the time to get going on your claim submission.

Don’t miss out on this important opportunity to benefit from the BP Economic and Property Damage Settlement and recover the losses that you sustained following the 2010 oil spill.


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  1. S. R. Scott says:
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    Why hasn’t recreational fishermen been included?

  2. Tom Young says:
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    Recreational fishing guides and charter services ARE included in the general economic claims process. Commercial fishing interests have a specialized claims process that is referenced in this article. For those who harvest seafood for commercial sale, the January 20 deadline applies (it may be extended by a day or two, but no guarantees).

    Guides and charter operations have until April 22, 2014 to file claims (again, subject to possible extension).

    Tom Young
    BP Claims Attorney

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